Allstate Plastic Media Blasting
3101 Grays Ferry Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19146

Telephone: 215-462-1860

Depainting and Stripping for Properly Prepared Surfaces

corvette with surfaces depainted by plastic media blasting

Plastic Media Blasting provides what is referred to as a “properly prepared surface” for refinishing. A properly prepared surface is the most important thing in the refinishing of any part whether is to be painted or powder coated.

Plastic Media: The media is available in 5 different types and a multiple of sizes to provide us the ability to match the media to the paint and substrate that is being stripped. The plastic beads are shaped in irregular sizes with sharp angle edges that allowing the cutting and lifting of the paint to occur.

tarnished statue restored by plastic media blastinggarden equipment depainted

Plastic Media Blasting vs Sandblasting: Do not confuse the two. Sand blasting utilizes very sharp hard silica sand particles that are sprayed from a hose at a very high air pressure. This material and pressure can be damaging to any surface that it is used on unless the surface is rock, concrete, or brick. Plastic Media Blasting utilizes a similar set up, spraying plastic beads out of a pressured hose but at much lower pressures and with a much more soft media.

Environmentally Safe: After blasting, the plastic beads and residue dust from the part blasted is reclaimed by the machine which separates the waste particles form the plastic bead allowing the beads to be reused. The dust is collected in a drum and can be disposed of in any landfill. What is even better is that no residue is left on the parts which means that no chemical agent or solvent is needed to further clean the part. The part can be wiped with a dry clean rag and is ready to refinish.

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