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Our Services

We provide the best depainting and stripping service to the industry in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and the surrounding cities and states.

Automotive Restoration: Plastic Media Blasting the most effective, safe, and complete way of getting parts ready to refinish when restoring a vehicle to its original finish. Plastic Media Blasting is the preferred method of stripping all Ford and General Motors vehicles. Paint manufacturers typically state that their warranty is valid as long as their product was applied to a "properly prepared surface". Included in Automotive Restoration are tractor restoration, golf carts, motorcycles, scooters, and boat and motorcycle trailers.

Aircraft: Plastic Media Blasting is a preferred method of stripping those aircraft doors, tail pieces, wings, nose pieces, landing gear, and any other metal that needs to be refinished.

Marine: Plastic Media Blasting for those fiberglass parts is a safe, effective and the most efficient way to prepare the surface for a new finish. With the use of the proper size and type of plastic bead coupled with the correct pressure results in a surface that has been stripped but not harmed.

Metal Office Furniture: Metal desks and file cabinets. Metal storage cabinets and metal shelving. The most effective way of cleaning these items for refinishing is to have them media blasted.

Other: Wrought Iron railings and fencing. Metal porch furniture. Why throw the furniture out? Have it stripped and refinished. Why try to sand, grind, or otherwise strip wrought iron rails? Have it blasted to get it ready to repaint. Other miscellaneous items include bicycle restoration and repainting, transformer housings, brass, stainless, bronze and copper artwork, and brackets.

Major credit cards accepted for plastic media blasting services.Major credit cards are accepted.